The Language of Yoga.

Article by Lissa Coffey

In yoga class it sounds so elegant and exotic when the teacher uses the Sanskrit names for the different poses. A lot of the names end in the word “asana” because asana means “pose”. Some we can figure out from the Sanskrit we are familiar with. Mandala means circle, so circle pose is “Mandalasana.”

I found a really cool book that translates many of the yoga poses, “The Language of Yoga: A Complete A to Y Guide to Asana Names, Sanskrit Terms and Chants.” It includes illustrations, yoga sequences (vinyasas) for various routines, and a CD with pronunciation and chants.

If you’re interested in learning some Sanskrit, this is a great introduction. It’s spiral bound so it can lay flat while you’re practicing your yoga and listening to the CD. Right now I’m learning how to count: eka, dvi, tri, catur, panca, sat, sapta, asta, nava, dasa.

Get the book “The Language of Yoga: Complete A to Y guide to Asana Names, Sanskrit Terms, and Chants” by Nicolai Bachman.


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